SIP Timeline 2011-2014

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goal #1

Goal # 1

To improve students' academic achievement in all courses in all grade levels.

District Goal
Improving literacy, numeracy and social responsibility skills of students in Grades K-12.


·         It is important for our school to improve student achievement in every aspect to meet the needs of our student population.
·         Students, staff, parents, and the larger community, agree that this is an important priority for our school.
Performance Indicators and Targets
1.   Failure rates – decrease the number of failures per course with the ultimate goal of zero failures.
2.   Academic Intervention Data -  This data will include the number of students referred, both First Nations and Non-First Nations, attempting to improve the success rate on a yearly basis until we reach 100%. Success rate is defined by the number of students who have successfully completed courses. 
3.   Mandatory government exam results- Class average exam results each year will be tracked attempting to improve the results over the next three years.
4.   Literacy Data- To have 2/3 of our students meeting or exceeding expectations at their specific grade level on the school literacy examination.
5.   Mathematics Data- The school will compare cohort data from the district grade 7 mathematics examination to the grade 10 government examination averages with the goal of improving the overall average from grade 7 to grade 10.
6.   Classroom Data – The school will compare our classroom data to that of the district and province based on government exam courses ensuring our scores are comparable with district and provincial averages.

(Actions, responsibilities, resources, timelines)

Year One Strategies
Review Date
Provide collaborative opportunities for teachers to reflect on and improve on their  instructional and assessment  practises.
Administration, Coordinators, Teachers, School Support Workers
January 2012

June 2012
Course outlines will reflect the guiding principals and standards of fair student assessment as outlined in policy #306.2.
Department Heads/Administration
September 2012

February 2013
Perform whole grade     assessments in literacy and mathematics with collaborative marking sessions.
Administration, Coordinators, District Literacy and Numeracy Coordinators
October 2011

January 2012

June 2012
Build an academic support mechanism for FN and Non-FN students
Administration, Teachers, School Support Workers
September 2011
January 2012
April 2012
June 2012
Build the aboriginal transitioning team
Administration, District Principal, First Nation Student Support Worker, Teachers, and other applicable support people.
September 2011
January 2012
May 2012

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